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Expert Advice for your Practice 

As Healthcare Advisors, our goal is to support your specific practice needs. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a plan to push your practice to the next level!


Vital Practice Advisors was "born" in 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic. After working with consulting groups that didn't care about the client, or didn't have the "right solutions", because a one size fits all, just doesn't. We set off on a mission that was simple.  


Our extensive knowledge base regarding all aspects of medical practices large, small, for profit and non-profit give a unique perspective in providing solutions that work for your practice or organization. Our team brings firsthand experience in working in and/or managing a medical practice. Whether that is clinical work, billing and coding, credentialing, UDS reporting, HRSA audits, MIPS reporting, managing a practice, developing departments or expanding services. 

We understand what is required by Medicare, Veteran's Affairs, Medicaid, and commercial payers to get your claims documented, coded, billed and paid on time!

We have developed departments, rebuilt departments, expanded service offerings, and helped prevent practice doors from closing for good.

We have evaluated and fixed clinical and administrative operations and workflows to improve patient care and efficiency. 

We have worked in practices and in the industry as billers, coders, managers, directors, and at the executive level.

We have a client base that spans nationwide, so we understand the significant differences and challenges that different states experience. We inherently know that Kansas Medicaid and California's Medi-cal (and special programs CPSP, SOFP, EWC, CHDP, etc..._) are worlds apart in the way they operate and requirements they bring to a practice.


As your Practice Advisors,  we offer you unyielding support and perspective when it comes to challenges within your practice and help you realize your practice's true potential. Take a look at our service offerings and see how we can work together with your practice to reach your practice goals.

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For a Secure Tomorrow

Billing, Reports, Audits, MIPS, UDS, it can all be overwhelming. We're here to help sort out the acronyms and get the financial responses you need,. Whether it's billing or reporting!

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Keeping up with Tomorrow

EHRs can eat away precious time that could be better spent with your patients! We can help evaluate software solutions, workflows and analyze strategies for more efficient and happier physicians, providers and support staff!

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A Better Tomorrow

Unlike most consulting companies, we take a whole practice approach for our clients. Leveraging decades of experience as consultants we are able to observe "hiccups" in process and flows that are commonly missed.



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